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Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Tools used in this guide 

• Phillips #00 Screwdriver 

• Spudger 

Step 1 - Battery 

• Start on the back of the device. This is where the 
battery and the battery cover are located. 

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Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Step 2 

• The battery door is located on the left side when 
looking at the PSP from the back. Lift open the battery 
door to reveal the battery. Remove the battery cover. 

• Using your finger, pry up the top edge of the battery. 
Continue to pull the top edge until the bottom of the 
battery is free. 

• Remove the battery. 

Step 3 - Casing 

• Using a spudger or fingernail, peel back the warranty 
sticker that is behind the battery. 

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Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Step 4 

• Unscrew all four screws from the back of the PSP. 

• Two from behind the battery. 

• Two on the right side of the PSP. 


• Unscrew two screws from the top of the PSP. 

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Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Step 6 

• Remove a single screw from the bottom surface of the 


• Starting from the 'R' trigger, slide the spudger in 
between the outer casing the the PSP, and gently pry 
off the casing. 

• Remove the front casing completely. 

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Installing PSP 3000 D-Pad 

Step 8 - D'Pad 

• Peal up the rubber pad that is securing the D-pad 
buttons to the backside of the front casing. 

• Remove the D-pad and the rubber piece. 

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